US Telecom Association to Webcast "Broadband Adoption Summit"

The US Telecom Association has decided to webcast the Broadband Adoption Summit because of the importance of this conference.

At 9:05 on June 22nd – visit and you can watch the Summit live as it takes place.

The Summit’s agenda is at

Broadband for America Blog About Net Literacy

Net Literacy is a member of Broadband for America and today, the following blog was posted here.

Broadband for America

Net Literacy Works to Bring the Internet to Everyone

While the FCC has been working on a national broadband plan for Congress, much of the focus has rightly been on how best to make high-speed Internet access and adoption universal. When most people think about broadband access, they probably imagine the cables and construction tools behind broadband deployment. However, at Net Literacy, we focus on another area of the national broadband foundation that is equally important: providing computers for the public and teaching people how to safely navigate the web.

The digital divide can hit both children and seniors; families who cannot afford a computer at home, or the broadband services that power them, risk denying their children access to the same learning resources of their classmates. Likewise, seniors who have not made the jump across the digital divide are missing out on access to medical services, the convenience and privacy of online shopping and the opportunity to telework when physical restrictions may otherwise keep them out of the office. And everyone else in between is increasingly finding that most job listings are online.

That’s why our team of student youth volunteers work with our adult staff to increase computer access by creating public computer labs where we can teach basic computer and Internet skills to the community and educate both kids and parents about online safety. In 2003, we began our Senior Connects program, which helps bridge the digital divide by having students teach senior citizens computer skills on a one-to-one basis. The program has quickly spread across the state of Indiana. In addition, we publish many of our other materials online where anyone can use them.

Getting broadband access to everyone in America is only half the challenge. The high-speed Internet adoption process also requires the computer training and knowledge to safely and smartly navigate the web whether you’re a grade school student or well into your retirement. Net Literacy is a BFA member for more information about them visit

19 Net Literacy Alliance Chapters and Affiliates Participate in Mini-Grant Program

19 Net Literacy ( chapters made the deadline and are able to compete for one of three $1,000 grants to promoted digital inclusion.  While several Net Literacy chapters and affiliates did not meet the deadline to compete for the $1,000 grants, they will qualify for the Mini-Grant programs.  These grants will enable the chapters torepurpose hundreds of computers, teach Internet safety to elementary and middle school students, and help teach seniors and other computer and Internet skills.   Winners include:

a.      YWCA in the City of Marion (whose Net Literacy Chapter has recently combined with the Marion Housing Authority).

b.      Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School

c.      Arlington Community School

d.      John Marshall Community School

e.      TC Howe Community School

f.       Tech Force (at ITT Tech)

g.      Carmel Connects (Carmel High School)

h.      Northwest High School

i.       George Washington Community High School

j.       Providence Cristo Rey High School

k.      Connersville Middle School

l.       New Tech High @ Arsenal Tech

m.    New Tech School of IDEAS (Decatur Central High School)

n.      Eastview School (Connersville)

o.     IPS Off Campus Instruction School

p.      Rensselaer Central Middle School

q.      Net Literacy Chapter at Fort Wayne Housing Authority

r.       Net Literacy Chapter at Fort Wayne Urban League

s.      Net Literacy Chapter at Fort Wayne Community Schools

The competition was tough and the following schools will be invited to compete for a $1,000 grant – YWCA/Marion Housing Authority, IPS Off Campus Instructional School, New Tech School of IDEAS, New Tech High @ Arsenal Tech, and TC Howe. The following schools were recognized but did not receive enough points to qualify to compete for the next round of the $1,000 grant.  Congratulations since they received Honorable Mentions – Rensselaer Central Middle School, Providence Cristo Rey, Tech Force (ITT Tech), Net Literacy at Fort Wayne Community Schools, Northwest High School, Carmel Connects (Carmel High School) and John Marshall Community High School.  Again, congratulations to all.

What is "Wiki-Management?"

Wiki-Management is one of the “secret ingredients” that uses the power of the net and collaboration. In 2006, Net Literacy realized that “everything is local” and that with digital inclusion, “one size does not fit all.” So using the wiki model, Net Literacy partner schools began defining, refining and fine-tuning the Net Literacy model based upon their own experiences.  Net Literacy partner organizations and school continuously update and share their best of class practices…and our organization and processes continue to evolve as we incorporate the great new ideas that continue to be suggested and are incorporate into our evolving model. As students refined this process, Net Literacy coined the term “wiki-management.” Digital natives use wiki-management like bumblebees that make progress through simultaneously constructive/destructive hive-like behavior.

Net Literacy’s student empowered all volunteer organization personifies this term where a model continuously evolves in a changing online environment to maintain a constant mission.  Wiki-management is a secret ingredient that differentiates Net Literacy’s digital inclusion model.  As the Internet progresses from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, wiki-management will become recognized as an Internet empowered and Net savvy way of collaborating and efficiently conducing business in an online, synergistic, and real time manner.

More about wiki-management is at