Summer 2011 Summary

Net Literacy had a busy and exciting summer:

Financial Connects programs, over a five week period, engaged core city 42 students to create 91 financial literacy videos that correlated with the Department of Education’s Financial Literacy Standards.

Net Literacy taught 100 core city students how to create a business plan and 21st Century learning skills as 16 teams of students competed to most effectively engage a distinguished group of judges including executives from foundations, school, the nonprofit, and for-profit sectors.

Computer Connects programs taught 14 primarily homeless students financial literacy, group dynamics, and computer repurposing skills – 350 computers were completed and will be donated to schools, the parents of students on free lunch programs without a computer at home, libraries, and other nonprofits throughout Indiana so that they can build or expand public computer labs to increase access to broadband.

Net Literacy Receives the 21st Century Achievement Award
Net Literacy Receives the 21st Century Achievement Award

Net Literacy was named the 21st Century Achievement Winner by Computerworld Magazine. Companies were nominated from 31 countries and 264 companies were named “Laurels” and invited to a black tie dinner in Washington DC. 55 finalist in 11 categories were announced, and Net Literacy won the Digital Inclusion category by providing “the IT solution that most contributed to increasing digital inclusion” – the “best practices” website. Other category winners included IBM, the City of Boston, Allstate Insurance, and the US Army.

During the last 30 days, Net Literacy website had 20,000 unique visitors

In August, Net Literacy delivered 223 computers to eight United Ways in eight counties benefiting 38 public libraries, youth centers, senior centers, community centers, and other nonprofits.

A Indiana Department of Education – Net Literacy partnership enabled Net Literacy to donate 750 computers to 14 schools throughout the state this summer.

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Financial Connects Contest Contestants Can Win Up to $5,000

Financial Connects
Financial Connects

Thanks to an additional generous grant from Intel designed to encourage student success, the Financial Connects Contest has been updated.

a. The maximum any contestant has been increased to $5,000.00
b. Videos should be at least two minutes and no more than five minutes
c. Section 2, Eligibility is changed so that if an insufficient number entries are received by October 15th, Sponsor will have to right to expand those eligible to have a high school or college degree.

The rules on the Financial Connects Contest tab on the Net Literacy Alliance website supersede and take priority over any other information posted elsewhere. To keep updated, sign up for Net Literacy Alliance blog alerts and the newsletter.

Thank you Intel!


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State Farm’s Youth Advisory Board Awards Net Literacy Almost $100,000 For Financial Connects’ Financial Literacy Contest

State Farm Youth Advisory Board Financial Connects Announcement

Net Literacy challenges students to create financial literacy videos and games

Net Literacy, a digital literacy nonprofit comprised of local Indiana students, along with State Farm Insurance, announced a national competition allowing students will compete for more than one hundred monetary awards for creating videos and interactive games demonstrating the importance of financial literacy. The two organizations came together after Net Literacy received a digital learning grant of $100,000 from State Farm. Net Literacy plans to align the contest with the Indiana Department of Education’s recently established financial literacy standards, which are taught to all 6th through 12th grade students.

David Johnson, Net Literacy’s Student Chairperson and a sophomore at Northwest High School remarked, “We hope that many schools will use this contest as both a class project and an opportunity to engage students to learn about financial literacy.”

Net Literacy’s student board aggregated 200 “best of the web” financial literacy videos and interactive games after a review of more than 5,000 websites. The organization then constructed a website to serve as a resource to students, parents, and educators. The website will launch in April. Following the website project, Net Literacy proposed a grant to encourage students to learn more about financial literacy and use their knowledge to create videos and Interactive games that help their classmates have fun while learning about financial literacy. “Thanks to State Farm and State Farm’s Youth Advisory Board, Net Literacy will be launching a national competition where students can compete for more than 100 awards that will range from $250 to $1,000 for creating videos and interactive games that relate to financial literacy, said Johnson. “We hope that many schools will use this contest as both a class project and an opportunity to engage students to learn about financial literacy. Afterwards, the videos and interactive games will be consolidated on a website where they will be used as a financial literacy resource for students, educators, and parents. The creators of this content will win both a bit of fame and fortune, while helping increase financial literacy among across the country.”

State Farm’s generous grant gives Net Literacy the resources to implement the contest. The student-produced videos and interactive games will be consolidated on a national website where they will be used as a financial literacy resource for students, educators, and parents.

“I am proud that Net Literacy, an organization made of Indiana students, successfully competed for State Farm’s financial literacy grant. This is the type of service learning project that encourages student success, and I congratulate them on this endeavor,” said Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Tony Bennett.

“State Farm supports service-learning because it combines service to the community with classroom curriculum in a hands-on approach to mastering subject material while fostering civic responsibility,” said State Farm Community Specialist Ed Perez. “The State Farm Youth Advisory Board is a prime example of State Farm’s commitment to education, our community and our youth.”

Visit for more information about the different projects being funded and about the Youth Advisory Board.

State Farm will present the check to Net Literacy at a press conference in Indianapolis on February 22, 2010.

More information is available by clicking on the Financial Literacy Contest tab and registering to receive email newsletter updates from this website.

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