ICT: Getting Connected to Sustainability

Appropriate information and communications technologies can facilitate sustainable development in developing nations by improving the flow of information in sectors such as healthcare, education, and business. By placing these tools in the hands of struggling populations, you empower them with tools to solve their own problems and rise out of poverty, instead of simply making them dependent on aid. Let’s close the digital divide…

Senior Connects on Retirement Living TV Part I

Senior Connects Program – This program promotes senior citizen computer and Internet literacy by supplying computers and training materials; or by building public computer labs and teaching senior citizens (and especially those seniors that are mobility impaired or lack reliable transportation)computer and Internet skills. Senior Connects (www.seniorconnects.org) has provided many residents with their first access to public computer labs within their own facilities. The students do all of the installation, computer and software set-up and training – while the management of the facilities must agree to install and maintain Internet access for its residents. Many seniors are excited to learn basic applications and are especially enthused by the prospect of sending email to family members. Just as importantly, these extensive community service activities have provided the student-volunteers with invaluable leadership and interpersonal skills to complement their technical expertise. The program is changing and each Senior Connects team will be anchored in a high school. Some high schools are piloting programs that invites senior citizens into the schools and use the school’s computer labs.

Estonia becomes E-stonia with Digital Revolution

A digital revolution is turning the tiny European nation of Estonia into a nation of Internet innovators. Estonians have put their digital identities onto their national identification cards, and much more.  Worldfocus video podcast: `http://feeds2.feedburner.com/worldfocus