Governor Daniels Declares March 1st “Net Literacy & Digital Literacy Day for the State of Indiana”

Sometimes, a proclamation is worth 1000 words….

Governor Daniels Proclaims 'Net Literacy & Digital Literacy Day for the State of Indiana'
Governor Daniels Proclaims 'Net Literacy & Digital Literacy Day for the State of Indiana'

Computer Connects Continues to Provide Computers to Increase Students Success and Digital Literacy

Bright House Networks Delivering Computers
Bright House Networks Delivering Computers

Computer Connects is one of Net Literacy’s six core programs, and during the last three years alone, over 11,000 computers have been donated to schools, churches, libraries, senior centers, community centers, and other nonprofits. In 2010, over 500 computers have also been donated to 95 United Way agencies in 18 counties as part of a partnership with the Indiana Association of United Ways and Net Literacy.

Today, 33 schools ordered 3,300 computers for the 2010-2011 school year, which will enable Net Literacy’s student chapters to continue to provide computers to schools and nonprofits.

Last month, Bright House Networks donated their 5,000th computer to schools under the Net Literacy program since they began supporting this program in 2003. The Techpoint Foundation donated $4,000 (out of $12,000 grant) to enable Net Literacy to provide computers for computer labs in youth-related organizations throughout the State. The Techpoint Foundation has supported Net Literacy since 2004. The Department of Education is considering providing funding to enable Net Literacy to expand this program to additional schools around the State. Lt. Governor Becky Skillman (a Net Literacy Honorary Board Member) has asked Net Literacy’s student volunteers to provide additional technology to Indiana’s rural counties, and Net Literacy’s student volunteers are working to increase access and honor her request.

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One Story About How One Computer Made A Difference In The Life Of One Child

Net Literacy’s digital literacy corps has repurposed 10,000 computers during the last couple of years. We receive many notes of thanks from the organizations that receive the computers, and occasionally, it puts everything into perspective to understand how a computer can impact the life and success of a youth.

This email was sent by an elementary guidance counselor to a group of students that serve as Net Literacy volunteers and are working on a special initiative that obtains used computers from businesses, repurposes them, installs new software, and donates computers to schools.

Recently you worked on a computer that was to be given to a family in need.

Recently I was contacted by a mother who was in need.

She shared her story, and meanwhile, you worked away at a computer’s part, pieces, programs.

Her son, a fifth grader is teased a lot. He is a lot taller than the other boys and weighs a lot more. He has wildly curly hair, and even though he is really smart, when he says things out loud sometimes his voice sounds kinda gurgled, maybe it’s his nerves. His parents are divorced and it is not a pretty one. They fight-a lot! Not very civil, so sharing something is out of the question (like a computer). He also receives free or reduced lunch, which means money is extremely limited for his family. If he receives a simple assignment like, “tonight, go on the class website and get on spelling city. Print off at least one of the word scrabbles to share with your group tomorrow,” his mind has to go in over drive. Whose house am I at? If I am at Mom’s, there’s no computer, let alone internet, so we will have to go the library. Depending on what time Mom gets home from work and they have dinner and clean up, he then has to get the family to drive him to library and pay to have a page printed off. (that’s if there is even time left in the night to get there after the evening stuff required!) His mom called me to see if I knew of any way I could help. How many people need help like that?! Well, through the school district, I found Net Literacy, and learned that our high school had a Net Literacy chapter, and that’s how I found all of you!! And then, the 2 stories became one! and the people making this computer were able to create a huuuuuge relief for one kid who just wants to be as regular as possible. On his behalf, THANK YOU for taking your time to lovingly put this thing together. His eyes were like saucers!!

The school counselor