Digital Literacy Corps & The Verizon Foundation to Increase Computer Access to 10,000 Hoosiers

Net Literacy’s ( digital literacy corps of student volunteers are repurposing hundreds of computers that will be donated to senior centers, youth centers, and community centers throughout Indiana’s rural counties.  Thanks to a generous grant by the Verizon Foundation, Net Literacy has rented additional storage space and has repurposed and staged over 200 computers with hundreds of additional computers still in process. 

The Lt. Governor’s office has asked Net Literacy to help increase computer access in Indiana’s rural counties, and student volunteers from several schools are working hard so that 500 computers are completed by February 15, 2010 to launch this initiative.  

Lt. Governor Becky Skillman joined Net Literacy’s Honorary Board of Directors in July, 2009, showing her support for “student empowered community service” and the importance of reducing the digital divide.  Increasing computer access throughout Indiana’s rural counties and at senior centers are two of the Lt. Governor’s digital inclusion priorities. 

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