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Seniors – Why should you take a class?

The world is changing and you refuse to be left behind. And you want to be able to email your friends and family members or even show your grandkids a couple of tricks that you’ve learned on the computer. You want to be able to use the Internet to search on topics that are important to you – the latest health information, what’s happening in the world, or what the headlines are in the city where your grandkids live. You think it’s great that some youths are interested in spending their free time to visit your Independent Living Facility and teach you how to use a computer and access the Internet. And you know that this is a service project performed by kids that really care – with classes that usually have only one or two seniors per student teacher. Now that’s individualized and VIP treatment – designed to carefully help you until you’re comfortable and can do it all yourself! Also, you know that there will never be any cost for the computer and Internet training you receive.

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Important Note: Senior Connects Corporation believes that no seniors taking a class should ever directly or indirectly make any payment to our corporation or any the volunteers using our training methodology. If you feel that you’ve received value from your instruction, please thank the management at your independent living facility. After all, they were the ones that invited the volunteers in so they could help.

Have your children wanted to send you emails and pictures of your grandchildren?

Are there instances where you have wished you knew how to converse with your children and grandkids via email so you could avoid the cost of a phone call?

Do you have health questions that you would like to research via the Internet?

Would you like to find about things that interest you – what’s the news in the city where your children reside, what will the weather be tomorrow, and information about your favorite hobbies?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions – then you are ready for the VIP treatment provided by the volunteers that use the Senior Connects training methodology.

  1. It’s free – this training will not cost you a penny and no volunteer can ever accept any money or tips from you.
  2. It’s taught by good-hearted kids that want to make a difference in their community and are looking to make the world a little better. They are independent volunteers that have decided to use our training program to make certain that your experience is a great one.
  3. The classes are small – usually, just one or two individuals in each class.
  4. The classes are customized – whether you are a beginner or have some computer experience, your volunteer will personalize the training within the Senior Connects Methodology for you so that it meets your requirements.
  5. If you are living in an independent living facility and are interested in taking a class, talk to your services manager about this program. If it’s possible to set up a program, they’ll try their best to accommodate you.
  6. If you are taking a class and have any questions or concerns, please talk to your volunteer, his mentor, or any manager at your independent living facility.

Thanks for your interest in the Senior Connects computer and Internet training methodology.

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