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Responsibility and Decision Making

Pardon our dust – work in process.  More videos coming and we will add navigation to eliminate scrolling once we complete adding the videos.


1.1 Taking responsibility for personal financial decisions

The Princess III – and Baby Makes 3 – Test from YouTube Rating *****

The Princess – a <3 love story Rating *****

Financial Rapping Rating****

Living LARGE: the 2 minute game show (in Spanish) Rating*****

WARNING: Be financially responsible…staring by doing a good job job!  Rating***

WARNING: Be financially responsible..starting by doing a good job (Spanish).  Rating***


I’ve Got A Monkey On My Back!. Rating***

The 5 orders of financial literacy!. Rating***

The big update of breaking news!. Rating***

The big update of breaking news (in Spanish)!. Rating***

The zero or the hero?. Rating**

1.2 How to analyze info from a variety of sources

Robot talk: making logical financial decisions Rating*****

1.3 Being shielded by consumer protection laws and resources

How not to be taken advantage of when a company messes with you Rating****

Welcome to the Fraud Files! Rating***

1.4 A relatively (“fool proof”) way of making financial decisions

It started out like any other day…. Rating*****

Maybe your parents should listen to this video? Rating****

Financial planning by talking things through. Rating**

No time for fun because life is so darn expensive.  Rating***

You bought the shoes. Rating***

Cut it out to save. Rating**

The financial song. Rating***

Where’s the dang receipt???. Rating***

1.5 How do you talk about financial issues?

Somebody’s Watching!. Rating*****

Somebody’s Watching (Spanish)!. Rating*****

1.6 Too much information – controlling personal info!

TMI! Too Much Information!. Rating*****

You wouldn’t do it in real life – don’t do it online!. Rating*****

Why did I have to provide my SSN number when buying a game online?. Rating******

Shred ’em!. Rating****

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