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Net Literacy’s mission is “to increase digital inclusion and digital literacy while providing student volunteers job skills, life skills, and an opportunity to serve their communities.”

Net Literacy’s programs combine project based learning with service learning.  They are designed to increase student success and encourage student volunteers to follow their passions and prepare for their futures by attending college.

Net Literacy has established an initiative to recognize the service learning conducted by Net Literacy student volunteers by partnering with an increasing number of colleges that award scholarships to Net Literacy volunteers.  To date, over $300,000 in scholarships have been awarded.

Harrison College

Harrison College

Currently, Purdue University (at IUPUI) and Harrision College provide Net Literacy student volunteers a $2,000 and $3,000 scholarship, respectively.  We are working to add additional colleges to this program.  We are very grateful to the colleges that support the good deeds, hard work, and significant contributions made by our student volunteers.

It is important to note that there are conditions and restrictions associated with each scholarship.  As an example, the IUPUI scholarship requires students to maintain a 3.0 GPA, is awarded equally over a four year period ($500/year), and is limited to students majoring in Computer Information Technology at Purdue University.  Harrison College’s scholarship requires students to major in the Bachelors program in Information Technology and is awarded equally over a four year period ($750/year).

Net Literacy is developing a College Scholarship Policy that will be posted on this site to provide student volunteers with additional details regarding colleges and scholarship programs.  Check back to learn more about our scholarship partnerships with colleges that support Net Literacy student volunteers.  The policy will be finalized and posted on this page by May, 2011.

Purdue University

Purdue University at IUPUI

The Financial Connects website includes an extensive section with applications and information that will help students choose the college that is right for them and identify other scholarships, grants, and ways to fund college.  Please click on this LINK to view 40 “best of web” websites to help you choose the right college that will best meet your budget and career aspirations.

Thank you, Harrision College and IUPUI!

Click on the public service announcement by Net Literacy that is currently playing on television and watch “Don’t Choose To Be Poor By Dropping Out of School!”

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