Net Literacy Endorses “A PLATFORM for GOOD” Launch With an Inaugural Day Blog

The Internet is a platform to do good and on September 12, 2012, a new website, A PLATFORM for GOOD is launching to help get the good word out and enable teens, teachers, and parents connect, share and do good online. This site is a project of the Family Online Safety Institute, a knowledgeable and trusted source of online safety information that Net Literacy endorses. A PLATFORM for GOOD provides a toolbox of actionable resources that we believe are particularly useful to teens.

What do you wish your parents knew about tech? Well, here’s your chance to be heard by clicking HERE.

Want to help your teacher by offering suggestions about how to use the Internet to make class even more engaging – check out the link to see what some teachers are doing HERE.

To keep up to date with the latest good and cool stuff happening in cyber space as discussed via blog – click HERE.

Net Literacy was invited to get the GOOD word out and show how students rule (and do good things) at Net Literacy and make a difference so please check out this blog When Teens Engage Teens about Internet Safety.

For more information about why A PLATFORM for GOOD is definitely for the good, contact me at [email protected]

The Impact of Attending School Every Day

Net Literacy partnered with the Indiana Partnership Center, Attendance Works, the Marion County Commission on Youth and the Center for Evaluation & Education Policy to help increase awareness of the importance of attending school every day. Serving as the “voice-of-youth-to-youth,” we use straight talk to explain the importance of attending school every day.

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For more information, click and the link and read the report or contact Jack Garvey ([email protected]), Hedy Chang ([email protected]), John Brandon ([email protected], Terry Spradlin ([email protected]), or Dan Kent ([email protected]).

Net Literacy Donates 10,000th Computer to Families With Students Without a Computer at Home

High school student volunteers working at Net Literacy chapters throughout Indianapolis donate their 10,000th computer to a family with students not having a computer at home. This letter says it all.

Thank You Net Literacy Chapter at Shortridge
Thank You Net Literacy Chapter at Shortridge

Bright House Networks and Net Literacy Increase Internet Safety Awareness to 100,000s

Bright House Networks has supported Net Literacy’s Safe Connects program by providing $600,000 in advertising avails to rotate 25 student-created public service announcements throughout five counties in central Indiana. This initiative was first announced at a 2007 press conference held at the State House conducted by Indiana’s Superintendent of Public Instruction. The two companies have extended the partnership via initiatives ranging from teaching elementary school students during a YMCA summer program to inserting 15,000 safety notices in students’ backpacks. In addition, thousands of unique visitors visit the Safe Connects website to watch the public service announcements and read other Internet safety materials.

Bright House Network and Net Literacy Partner to Increase Internet Safety

YSA Names Net Literacy to International “Top 25 List”

Net Literacy’s accomplishments were recognized by the YSA (Youth Service as Power) as one of “the 25 most power and influential” programs in the world because “service is power.” The YSA List recognizes those around the world that have made significant, large-scale change in five categories – Health, Education, Human Service, Human Rights, and the Environment. The first YSA List was unveiled April 20, 2012, as part of Global Youth Service Day celebrations. Founded and coordinated by YSA, Global Youth Service Day the largest service event in the world celebrated in more than 100 countries, and the only one dedicated to children and youth.

The 25 winners receive:

– $1,000 awards to support their ongoing efforts to change the world.
– Worldwide recognition through the Global Youth Service Day international media campaign, including prominent placement through the List media sponsor, Huffington Post.
– Huffington Post blogger accounts, to providing a platform for continued promotion of their good works.
– Opportunities to collaborate with members of YSA’s Global Youth Service Network around issues of mutual interest.
– List recipients were nominated by their peers, mentors, elected officials, and others who value their service. Nominations were open from December 18, 2011 to January 31, 2012.

At YSA’s request, an article about the genesis of Net Literacy was blogged at the Huffington Post.

For a direct link to the article – click on this LINK.

Questions – please contact [email protected] or visit

Lilly Endowment Funds Net Literacy for a Seventh Year!

Net Literacy is grateful for Lilly Endowment’s continuing support of our student empowered programs. This summer, funding will be used to support two initiatives. First, we will repurpose more than 1,000 to 1,500 computers that will be donated to the Indiana State Library, schools, families of students on free lunch programs without a computer at home, and other nonprofits so that they can build or expand computer labs. During the past three years, we have donated to libraries in rural Indiana that didn’t have computers to build computer labs and the student board decided that should be our highest priority for the computers.

Working together with the Indiana Department of Education, we have identified high priority Internet safety topics and will be creating videos that use “straight talk” to discuss tough issues that teens face online. These videos will be posted on the Safe Connects and Net Reputation websites.

For more information, please email [email protected]

Bright House Networks Supports Net Literacy for an Eighth Year!

“Bright House Networks has supported thousands of Net Literacy student volunteers increase Internet safety awareness and provide almost 10,000 computers to Indianapolis and the City of Marion’s children, schools, and nonprofits,” said Net Literacy Executive Director Dan Kent.

“Bright House Networks was the first company that took a chance on Net Literacy’s team of high school student volunteers that asked them for their support and advocacy in 2005. Since then, Bright House Networks’ leadership has joined our Board of Directors to provide students their vision, insights, advocacy and mentoring. This year, Bright House Networks will help us produce our 25th Safe Connects Internet safety public service announcement and our partnership has increased online safety awareness to hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers. Bright House Networks, we just couldn’t be doing this without you!”

Please contact Daniel Kent at [email protected] for more information.

Net Literacy Supports Digital Literacy and Online Safety in Russia

Net Literacy and Google teamed up together to support Russia’s digital literacy and online safety initiatives.

Russia, just like the United States, is working to increase digital literacy and online safety in their country. According to a recent survey, Internet penetration increased by 10% in the last year alone and exceeds 50%! Speaking at a digital literacy conference conducted by the Russian Association of Electronic Communications (above), Net Literacy discussed how digital inclusion and online safety education can be impacted by student-empowered programs. Net Literacy also presented at a Safer Internet Day in Russia conducted by the Public Chamber. During these presentations, Net Literacy supported Russian initiatives to increase online safety via education rather than regulation and filtering. Net Literacy also supported industry self-regulation (over government regulation) and discussed how students can become engaged in promoting online safety and digital literacy.

Net Literacy was also a guest lecturer at Moscow State University’s Department of Journalism, talking to and meeting with 200 very Net savvy students and Dr. Elena Vartanova (Dean & Professor, Faculty of Journalism) and Dr. Victor Naumov (Head of Russian IP/IT/Telecom Practice). How social networking literate are the Department of Journalism’s students? Out of approximately 200 students, only one was not using social media – a figure that compares favorably to the United States. Moscow State University students were knowledgeable about current events in the United States, including industry efforts to stop the COPA bill from progressing.

Moscow State University and Net Literacy plan to announce a joint initiative within the next sixty days, which may include the use of Moscow State University’s new “world class” television production facility.

For additional information, please email [email protected]