Net Literacy Supports Connect to Compete’s 2015-2016 Indianapolis Launch with a Safety Awareness Campaign and Free Computers

Net Literacy starts the 2015-2016 school year by helping increase access to technology in areas within Indianapolis where more than 85% of students are eligible for free or reduced lunches.

Says Net Literacy’s Daniel Kent, “Our friends at Bright House Networks are launching Connect to Compete (C2C) in Indianapolis, and this initiative provides affordable broadband to low income families with K12 students. Now that qualifying families can receive broadband for less than $10 per month, we’re doing our part to help students be safe while having fun online and to provide parents a no cost option to obtain the technology that they’ll need to access broadband. IPS 51 is the first IPS school where’s there’s a formal school coordinated C2C launch, and we’re highlighting online safety with a challenge to the 3rd to 6th graders to write a few sentences about what they’d tell a friend, a classmate or a family how to be safe while having fun online. The 30 best entries, to be selected by Net Literacy student volunteers, will win netbooks or thumb drives (IPS 51 Safety Contest). In October at a school assembly, we’ll announce the student winners at a safety assembly where we’ll show some of our student created safety PSAs and short videos to help progress the students’ learning about online safety.

Also, we have more than 1000 computers in IPS’s warehouse to support families interested in participating in the C2C program but finding it difficult to afford purchasing a new or refurbished computers.

Finally, we’re conducting our 3rd annual IPS Students Against Bullying Awareness Contest and encourage students to become TV stars and youth heroes by helping spread the word about safety with an initiative that allows teens to become youth heroes and TV Stars…with lights, camera, action! While the campaign hasn’t officially launched yet, it will be similar to past year’s programs (”

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Net Literacy Donates Computers to Almost 100 Indiana Public and Institutional Libraries

The good news is that since 2012, the “State Library has distributed 619 rebuilt computers and 438 monitors to nearly 100 public and institutional libraries around Indiana” that were donated by Net Literacy.

Because of a shortfall in the highest end computers donations that public libraries require, we are unable to make our summer computer donations to libraries, although our summer work will include repurposing and donating 1800 computers for the families of K-12 students without a computer at home.

To view the original source for this information about library donations, visit The Indiana State’s “The Wednesday Word”:

BREAKING NEWS – thanks in large part to Old National Bank, we just received a couple donations totaling 400 LCD monitors and 750 high end computers and will begin repurposing once school starts so we can make our annual donation to them a few months late but in 2015!

Net Literacy to Repurpose 1850 Computers and Produce 50 Safety Videos this Summer

Net Literacy will have two summer internship programs in 2015.

In collaboration with TeenWorks, Net Literacy will be repurposing 1850 computers at Broad Ripple Magnet High School. Most of the computers will be donated to the families of K-12 students without a computer at home. At the completion of the summer program, Net Literacy will have repurposed and donated over 34,000 computers to five states and to almost every county in Indiana.

In collaboration with Lilly Endowment and the Nina Mason Pulliam Trust, 50 Net Literacy student interns will construct approximately 50 additional Internet safety videos, bringing the total number of videos in its Safe Connects video library to over 200 videos.

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Bright House Networks, the Marion County Commision on Youth, and Net Literacy Distribute 150 Computers to Serve 1800 Youth

IMG_20150326_131334_1 (1)

Computers to serve more than 1800 youth

On March 26, 2015, Bright House Networks, the Marion County Commision on Youth, and Net Literacy worked together to distribute 150 computers to 17 Marion County afterschool programs so that these nonprofits could update their computer labs in time to serve Indianapolis youths this summer. Courtney Taylor represented Bright House Networks, who graciously funded this initiative and John Brandon represented MCCOY, who very kindly coordinated the computer distribution. Net Literacy high school student volunteers repurposed the computers with Windows 7 and Open Office.

Organizations receiving computers included Brightwood Community Center, Dayspring Center, FreeWheelin Community Bikes, Good News Ministries, Indy Youth Ministires, Intercollegiate YMCA, Mary Riggs Center, Miracle Place, New Beginnings, Nu Heights, Oasis Christian Community Development Corporation, Speedway Baptist, Trinity House, Fay Biccard Glick Center, Young Men Inc, Zion Hill M. B. Church, and MCCOY.

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Net Literacy’s End of Year Report to the Board for 2014

Dear Net Literacy Board of Directors,

2014 was a terrific and record breaking year for serving our community! Hundreds of youths were engaged on projects that ranged from repurposing computers to producing safety videos and from building computer labs to serving as youth role models being interviewed about Internet safety on television. Here are the top ten things that the Net Literacy team worked together to make happen in 2014:

1. Since we began in 2003, Net Literacy’s teams of student volunteers have now donated 31,817 computers impacting approximately 250,000 Hoosiers!

2. In 2014, we donated 4058 computers to dozens of afterschool programs, dozens of public libraries, and the families of K-12 students without a computer at home at dozens of elementary, middle, and high schools.

3. In addition, the college chapter of Net Literacy built a record 12 computer labs using 147 computers inside churches so that they could support programs that ranged from students remediation to providing resources to help victims of domestic violence become more self-sufficient (University United Methodist Church, Temple of Praise, Indiana Missionary Baptist Church, Sunrise Missionary Baptist Church, Fervent Prayer Church, New Liberty Baptist Church, Promise Land Church, Olivet Baptist Church, Greater Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church, Anglican Cathedral Church of Resurrection, St. Paul’s Temple AME, and Metropolitan Baptist Church).

4. During the summer, Net Literacy engaged a record 64 students and created 50 great videos over the course of a six week internship program that was conducted at Ivy Tech. Each month, almost 15,000 teachers, youth workers, and parents visit the Net Literacy and Safe Connects websites to show videos that facilitate a discussion about Internet safety with teens. First the video is played and then, the discussion begins! Some of my favorite videos from last summer’s program are:
• A chilling video that used a trailer concept to begin a discussion about bullying –
• Great special effects –
• A very creative video about copyright theft –
• A anti-bullying video with a 1980’s theme for youths that are targeted –
• A privacy and safeguarding personal information –
• Viruses turn students into zombies –
• Excellent use of animation –
• A video that does a great job discussing posting your words wisely –

5. The IPS and Decatur MSD school districts used 46 of our Internet safety training videos produced during the summer as a tool for teachers to help teach students about online safety.

6. IPS showcased Net Literacy and Bright House Network’s safety partnership via a magazine show telecasted to students and parents throughout the district –

7. Student Vice Chair Antonio Baltzell and Board Member Mattea Johnson were interviewed by Cathy Holloway’s Living By Design television show to teach parents and teens about bullying and Internet safety (

8. We blogged in support of Representative Susan Brook’s Computer Science Education Act on the Huffington Post and were thanked by the Congresswoman for supporting a bill that she sponsored (

9. We also blogged on promoting internet safety concepts for safety experts to incorporate in their training programs – here’s one about online reputation –

10. Students from Carmel Clay Schools, Zionsville Community Schools Herron High School, and Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) were recently honored for their winning ideas in Bright House Networks and Net Literacy’s Students Against Bullying and For Internet Safety Contest. The campaign is part of Bright House Networks and Net Literacy’s push to promote young people as active allies and advocates in bullying prevention. In 2014, more than a dozen Net Literacy students stared in a total of 17 public service announcements engaging Indianapolis Public Schools, Carmel Clay Schools, Zionsville Community Schools, and center township Herron Charter School. Six of the PSAs were shown throughout central Indiana in 2014 and the remaining eleven began showing this week and will be carried by Bright House Networks throughout 2015.

As always, please email me at danielkent(at) if you have any questions.


Bright House Networks Increases Safety Awareness Via a Six Year Partnership

(November 19, 2014) Bright House Networks and Net Literacy have partnered together to increase Internet safety awareness throughout central Indiana for the last six years. Together, they have produced 42 safety public service announcement that discuss topics ranging from bullying to privacy and from hate websites to net reputation.

Amanda being taped
Net Literacy member of the Board of Directors Amanda Wilcher is one of the 2014 youth spokespersons

This year, Bright House Networks and Net Literacy invited students attending Indianapolis Public Schools, Zionsville Community Schools, and Carmel Clay Schools to write a paragraph about the best online safety advice that they’d give to their friends and younger siblings. The most helpful responses were fashioned into television scripts and the students submitting them stared in their own public safety announcement that would be carried on television. From the hundreds of responses that were received, eight students were selected and and were taped in a television studio today.

“What’s really cool about this,” said Daniel Kent, Executive Director of Net Literacy, “is that Bright House Networks has given teens the opportunity to be youth heros and be seen in a positive light as they discuss tough issues that impact teens. Hundreds of thousands of individuals who have seen the PSAs on television and on the web.”

These videos will begin running in February or March and will run on Bright House Networks.

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Why Is the Computer Science Education Act Now the Most Broadly Co-Sponsored Education Bill in the House?

Why Is the Computer Science Education Act Now the Most Broadly Co-Sponsored Education Bill in the House?

Read our Huffington Post article supporting the Computer Science Education Act (CSEA) by clicking on this link –

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Old National Bank Donates 700 Computers to Net Literacy Increasing Digital Inclusion and Engaging Students in STEM and Service Learning

In keeping with Old National Bank’s ongoing commitment to community and sustainability, the company has donated 700 computers and laptops along with printers and other electronic equipment in 2014 to Net Literacy, an Indianapolis-based, student-founded digital inclusion nonprofit.

Student volunteers Learning Computer and Software Skills
Student volunteers Learning Computer and Software Skills

“When Old National Bank IT Asset Manager Dan Nord contacts us to tell us that ONB had additional computers for us, we were all incredibly excited! Their donation of computers will increase access to technology and broadband to thousands of Hoosiers and will also help our own student volunteers,” said Dan Kent, Founder of Net Literacy. “All donated computers are refurbished by middle and high school volunteers and during our repurposing initiative; students learn leadership, job, and STEM skills as they serve their communities. The computer and software skills that they learn enable them to become more tech-savvy, entrepreneurial, and employable. And we have Old National Bank to thank for helping to make a difference for so many of our volunteers!”

“This donation is a win for Indiana communities because of Net Literacy’s ability to repurpose this equipment for use by schools and nonprofits,” said Bob Jones, Old National president & CEO. “It also signals progress for Old National in our efforts to create a more sustainable work environment with less energy and paper usage.”

Student Vice Chair Dennis Bacon Takes a Break After a Busy Summer Day Refurbishing Computers
Student Vice Chair Dennis Bacon Takes a Break After a Busy Summer Day Refurbishing Computers

“Our partnership with Old National Bank’s began six years ago when ONB supported the launch of our Financial Connects initiative where students produced videos to teach other teens about financial literacy,” Kent continued. “And their computer donation to us enables Net Literacy to in turn donate computers where the digital divide is the widest and in support of schools, public libraries, afterschool programs, community centers, and other nonprofits in 73 Hoosier counties. Also, some of these computers will be donated to the families of K-12 students without a computer at home. And with this latest donation of computers and laptops, ONB showed once again that it is a company that continues to give back to the communities that it serves!”

A Student Learns Computer Trouble Shooting Skills
A Student Learns Computer Trouble Shooting Skills


About Old National.  Old National Bancorp (NASDAQ: ONB) is the largest financial services holding company headquartered in Indiana and, with $10.4 billion in assets, ranks among the top 100 banking companies in the U.S. Since its founding in Evansville in 1834, Old National Bank has focused on community banking by building long-term, highly valued partnerships with clients in its primary footprint of Indiana, Southern Illinois, Western Kentucky and Louisville, and Southwestern and Central Michigan. In addition to providing extensive services in retail and commercial banking, wealth management, investments and brokerage, Old National also owns Old National Insurance, one of the 100 largest brokers in the U.S. For more information and financial data, please visit Investor Relations at


 About Net Literacy. Net Literacy is a student-founded all-volunteer digital inclusion and digital literacy nonprofit whose board is 50% comprised of students. Students have repurposed more than 30,000 computers donating them to schools, afterschool programs, and other nonprofits in 73 Indiana counties increasing computer and Internet access to over 250,000 Hoosiers. Three of its programs were included in the National Broadband Plan presented by the FCC to Congress and two American Presidents have honored Net Literacy’s accomplishments. For more information, please visit

Net Literacy Exceeds 30,000 Computers Repurposed!

In collaboration with fellow nonprofit TeenWorks (, Net Literacy’s summer program repurposed 1800 computers during the summer teaching 14 high school students computer repurposing, software, and hardware skills. These computers will be donated to the families of students without a computer at home. Net Literacy has increased computer access to over 250,000 individuals through donations to families, public libraries, schools, community centers, afterschool programs, senior centers, literacy centers, and churches with remediation programs for students.

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Please enjoy our student-created video documentary about our summer video programs

At the same time, 50 Net Literacy student volunteers worked to script, storyboard, film, and edit almost fifty internet safety videos during a very busy six weeks at Ivy Tech. These videos are short stories designed to facilitate discussion between teens and teachers, youth leaders, and parents – they have been posted to YouTube (at, search for “net literacy”). During the fall, one hundred additional student-created internet safety videos will be uploaded to the Safe Connects ( website. Currently, 11000 to 13000 unique visitors check out our safety videos each month.

For more information, please email danielkent(at)

Net Literacy Discusses Internet Safety on the Cathy Holloway Hill Show

Television Show About Safety

Net Literacy Student Vice Chair Antonio Baltzar and Student Board Member Mattea Johnson discussed safety and how Net Literacy uses straighttalk to get the word out. Watch it on Sunday April 13th on WHMB TV 40 in Indianapolis. If you missed it, enjoy the segment here: or by clicking on the video below: