Net Literacy Exceeds 30,000 Computers Repurposed!

In collaboration with fellow nonprofit TeenWorks (, Net Literacy’s summer program repurposed 1800 computers during the summer teaching 14 high school students computer repurposing, software, and hardware skills. These computers will be donated to the families of students without a computer at home. Net Literacy has increased computer access to over 250,000 individuals through donations to families, public libraries, schools, community centers, afterschool programs, senior centers, literacy centers, and churches with remediation programs for students.

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Please enjoy our student-created video documentary about our summer video programs

At the same time, 50 Net Literacy student volunteers worked to script, storyboard, film, and edit almost fifty internet safety videos during a very busy six weeks at Ivy Tech. These videos are short stories designed to facilitate discussion between teens and teachers, youth leaders, and parents – they have been posted to YouTube (at, search for “net literacy”). During the fall, one hundred additional student-created internet safety videos will be uploaded to the Safe Connects ( website. Currently, 11000 to 13000 unique visitors check out our safety videos each month.

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Net Literacy Discusses Internet Safety on the Cathy Holloway Hill Show

Television Show About Safety

Net Literacy Student Vice Chair Antonio Baltzar and Student Board Member Mattea Johnson discussed safety and how Net Literacy uses straighttalk to get the word out. Watch it on Sunday April 13th on WHMB TV 40 in Indianapolis. If you missed it, enjoy the segment here: or by clicking on the video below:

Old National Bank Donates Hundreds of Computers to Net Literacy Which Will Increase Computer Access to Thousands of Hoosiers

NL student board member Agni Dhanabal (R) thanks ONB's Dan Nord (L) for braving inclement weather to deliver computers
NL student board member Agni Dhanabal (R) thanks ONB’s Dan Nord (L) for braving inclement weather to deliver computers
In keeping with Old National Bank’s ongoing commitment to community and sustainability, the company recently donated 370 computers along with printers and other electronic equipment to Net Literacy, an Indianapolis-based, student-founded digital inclusion nonprofit.

“I’m thrilled with Old National Bank’s donation because we’ll be able to increase thousands of students’ access to computers and the Internet throughout Indiana. We have donated computers to more than a thousand schools and nonprofits and ONB’s donation will help us expand our program,” said Net Literacy student board member Agni Dhanabal. And it’s terrific that ONB’s Dan Nord braved a snow storm and below freezing weather to deliver them and helped off load the donated equipment!” Dan Nord is Old National Bank’s IT Asset Manager.

“This donation is a win for Indiana communities because of Net Literacy’s ability to repurpose this equipment for use by schools and nonprofits,” said Bob Jones, Old National president & CEO. “It also signals progress for Old National in our efforts to create a more sustainable work environment with less energy and paper usage.”

“Old National Bank’s partnership with Net Literacy began over five years ago when ONB supported the launch of our Financial Connects initiative through a summer program where students produced videos to teach other teens about financial literacy,” said Dan Kent, Founder of Net Literacy. “ONB’s Indianapolis Regional President Randy Reichmann met with our student volunteers to explain the importance of financial literacy and help students understand the tools and services that financial institutions like ONB makes available to increase financial literacy throughout the state. And with this latest donation of computers and printers, ONB showed once again that it is a company that continues to give back to the communities that it serves!”

About Old National Bank. Old National Bancorp (NASDAQ: ONB) is the largest financial services holding company headquartered in Indiana. With $9.7 billion in assets, it ranks among the top 100 banking companies in the United States. Since its founding in Evansville, Ind., in 1834, Old National has focused on community banking by building long-term, highly valued partnerships with its clients. Today, Old National’s footprint includes Indiana, Western Kentucky and Louisville, Southern Illinois and Southern Michigan. In addition to providing extensive services in retail and commercial banking, wealth management, investments and brokerage, Old National owns Old National Insurance, one of the 100 largest brokers in the nation. For more information and financial data, please visit Investor Relations at

About Net Literacy. Net Literacy ( is a student-founded all-volunteer digital inclusion and digital literacy nonprofit whose board is 50% comprised of students. Students have repurposed more than 28,000 computers donating them to schools, afterschool programs, and other nonprofits in 73 Indiana counties increasing computer and Internet access to over 250,000 Hoosiers. Three of its programs were included in the National Broadband Plan presented by the FCC to Congress and two American Presidents have honored Net Literacy’s accomplishments.

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iKeepSafe Blog: “How Inviting Partners to the Safety Discussion Can Help Progress the Conversation about Bullying”

Net Literacy occasionally blogs to help other youth organizations and schools learn different ways that empowered teens can help initiate the discussion about difficult safety issues.

Click on the link to learn more about how inviting partners to the safety discussion can help progress the conversation about bullying

For more information, please email [email protected]

A Platform for Good Blog: “Teens Engage Teens about the Bullying Issue”

Net Literacy occasionally blogs to help other youth organizations and schools learn different ways that empowered teens can help initiate the discussion about difficult safety issues.

Please read our latest blog by clicking on this link –

Net Literacy Presents at FOSI 2013
Net Literacy Presents at FOSI 2013

We also were part of the conversation at the 2013 FOSI annual conference and participated on a panel The Digital Citizens: “How do we empower young people?”

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Houston Public Libraries Base Their Computer and Safety Training on Net Literacy’s Content

Net Literacy’s computer, Internet, email, safety, and social networking training manuals are available to all schools, nonprofits, and parents that use them for teaching.

For profit organizations that use our content for noble reasons can also use or repurpose them. As an example, Google Russia used our computer, Internet, email, and social networking training manuals as the basis of their training manual which can be viewed by clicking here. Google’s credit to Net Literacy is on the second slide.

We’re proud that Houston Public Libraries has done similarly. Their training programs are viewable by clicking on the two documents below. Houston Public Library’s credit to Net Literacy is on the first slide via their including our website’s name.

Houston Public Library Computer Basics

Houston Public Library New Computer Security

Please email me at [email protected] if you have questions or if you are interested in repurposing or white labeling Net Literacy’s content. There is no cost for this service – we do not charge any nonprofit that promotes digital literacy and digital inclusion. Net Literacy is proud that we’ve never charged anyone for any of our products or services.

Net Literacy Teaches Internet Safety with Mrs. Pence and Indiana’s Teacher of the Year

Five Net Literacy student volunteers taught internet safety to 120 third and fourth grade students at Zionsville Community Schools together with Mrs. Karen Pence, wife of Governor Pence and Indiana Teacher of the Year Suzanne Whitton.

Net Literacy students completing safety training to 3rd and 4th graders pose with Indiana's  teacher of the year and with Mrs. Pence, the wife of the Governor of Indiana

For more information, contact [email protected]

A Platform for Good Shows How Millennials Use Technology for Good!

Did you know that 84% of Millennials who made a donation to an organization last year gave or wanted to give online?

What about that 80% of social media-using teens say they have defended victims of online harassment?

Did you know that 84% of Millennials who made a donation to an organization last year gave or wanted to give online?

This cool new infographic shows how teens and twenty-something’s are using their devices for good.

Check it out at


Bright House Networks and Net Literacy Help Students Speak Out Against Bullying

Students from Carmel Clay Schools and Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) were recently honored for their winning ideas in Bright House Networks and Net Literacy’s Students Against Bullying Contest. The campaign is part of Bright House Networks and Net Literacy’s push to promote young people as active allies and advocates in bullying prevention.

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Elementary, middle and high school students were challenged to develop messages that could address bullying through the question, “If you had 25 seconds, what would you say to others about bullying or cyber bullying?”  Winners received the opportunity to present their message in a professionally-produced public service announcement.  The short videos will be used by teachers, parents and nonprofit organizations to reinforce effective and safe ways for kids to step in and help others from being bullied. More than 200 student entries were submitted for the contest.

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“When it comes to taking a stand against bullying, engaged teens are the most effective spokespersons and can best disseminate the message to other teens,” said Dan Kent, Executive Director of Net Literacy, a student-founded and student-managed nonprofit. “And that’s why our student leadership decided to work together with our partner schools to ask students what is most important for teens to know about bullying.  We received hundreds of heartfelt responses from students who were bystanders, had bullied others, and had been bullied.  The videos help provide a better understanding of the bullying problem and will promote civility throughout our community.”

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The student-produced PSAs will air on Bright House Networks in October, in recognition of National Anti-Bullying Prevention Month. The PSAs can also be viewed on IPSTube,, and Net Literacy’s YouTube Channel.  Bright House Networks has supported Net Literacy since 2005 and was recently honored with a proclamation issued by the Indianapolis City Council.

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